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Why did I call folks in Florida and ask them to vote for Obama?


Okay, I’m in Australia, but I can’t stand George W Bush.

I couldn’t just sit by and have another 4 years of Republicans.

My passion with this is that the USA, and by design, allies of the USA, have had their reputations badly damaged by that fool Dubbya with his crash through Texan Born Again attitude.

Of course, most of that damage has been caused by what the US has done in the Middle East.

By the way, I’m not against religion, but I strongly believe in separation of Church and the State (especially in Western Democracies) – so I think the last 8 years have to be undone.

Scary too, was the prospect of John McCain and Sarah Palin in the Whitehouse. I think that Matt Damon’s discussion about Palin on YouTube describes my fear of her quite well.

So, I volunteered on Barack Obama’s website, got a list of people to call in Florida (a key swing state in the presidential election) and make about 100 calls on Skype.

Most of the time I got answering machines or the occasional ‘not interested’, but a handful of times I got people said they and everyone they knew were voting for Obama. Both they and I got a buzz when I said, ”By the way, I’m calling from Australia.

I can’t vote in your election, but I’m doing a tiny bit to say that many world citizens can’t stand what’s happened”.

That’s the satisfaction and power of being a World Citizen!

And off my soapbox I get!

Author: Michael Cleland

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