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NBN FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt)


There’s been a lot of press about the NBN, and so much of it is littered with FUD – fear, uncertainty, doubt. The fear that it will cost a lot, the uncertainty that it is the right technology, the doubt that it will be taken up in great numbers.

Andrew Darby’s article in The Age today gives a typical example of this. Small townships in Tasmania were the first ones connected to the NBN, on the basis of nation building and not leaving rural communities behind.

The locals in the article don’t understand the technology or its potential benefits. This is exactly the kind of scenario that anti-NBN proponents seize upon. They’ll say that people don’t want it, that wireless is the future.

It frustrates me when people say that radio will be faster, when this will clearly never be the case, especially as radio spectrum is a scarce resource.

Sometimes, you just have to tell the ill-informed or ignorant “trust us”. At $43 billion, this is an infrastructure project that will replace copper and last for many, many decades, so will be well worth it.

Author: Michael Cleland

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