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The Australian family car to go electric?


I’ve just been reading about plans for an electric version of the Commodore, in conjunction with Bosch, Futuris and Better Place
I think this is a great idea and here’s why:
  1. Electricity can come from renewable resources. While most electricity in Victoria is generated by coal at the moment, more will come from solar and wind in the future. Better Place say they are only sourcing power from renewable sources.
  2. Once you’ve solved the power source issue mentioned above, it doesn’t matter what size car you run 100% electric. If the battery is being charged by the sun or wind, then it is essentially free, and isn’t burning fuel, so the size of the car is less important. That is, you don’t have to have a small car. I’ve been a fan of electric cars for a while, but only picked up on this point recently, and it makes sense. So, people who want a big car can still have one as an electric car.
  3.  The amount of energy required to generate hydrogen is apparently about the same or near to the amount of energy you can create from burning hydrogen itself. So, even if it burns off as water, currently you still have to use a lot of energy to generate the hydrogen in the first place.
I can’t wait for electric cars to take off. It all makes sense to me and with enough re-charging infrastructure in place, the switch for most drivers will be an easy transition in both economic and convenience terms.

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