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The Oz: NBN bashing again


I can’t believe The Australian’s criticism of the NBN. It’s a national infrastructure project that will have a lifetime of many decades and will be upgradeable to speeds many times faster than is currently available.  

At its heart, fibre is basically a pipe to transmit data at the speed of light.

If it costs $40 billion and lasts 30 to 40 years (remember that the copper network has lasted for decades) then its cost might be about $1 billion a year. I know this is an extremely simplistic calculation and ignores maintenance costs etc.. But on that basis, it is extremely cost effective for what it will offer.

Mobile internet usage will continue to grow, but there will always be a scarcity of radio spectrum. Think of the capacity problems that AT&T iPhone users have had with slow internet access and phone drop outs many cities like New York. The more smartphone users on your wireless network, the more this will be a capacity problem eg., Vodafone’s recent network problems.

Fibre and wireless are complimentary technologies. Each will have its purpose.

I can’t believe through ignorance the number of people who think mobile data is the robust and exclusive solution for our future data needs.

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