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I am a passionate web geek – I mean, doesn’t everyone read Techcrunch? Aren’t all the cool kids on Google+ these days? Doesn’t everyone analyse and report stats in Google Analytics?

I love the micro-lending website Kiva, that lets people like you and me help people in developing and third world nations build their own small businesses. You can read my posts about Kiva and other good causes on this blog.

On the transport front, I have been a long time supporter of electric cars, initally being a supporter of Better Place *electric cars with swappable batteries) but fully behind Elon Musk’s vision with Telsa. See my posts about electric cars on this blog.

I’ve worked in the government sector writing content and developing information and community websites. Keeping up with the latest web technologies in my thing. Besides great content, accessibility, usability and the mobile web are key aspects to have a fully fledged website.

Hmmm … then there’s my posts about travel, the National Broadband Network, film and television … there’s a bit for everyone!



The images at the top of each page were taken by me at my Nanna’s house in April 2007.

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Michael Cleland denies liability for any loss, damage or injury resulting from any person relying on information obtained by or through this website or social media channels I post to.

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